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Know Your Finances

Numbers are very important no matter what business you're in, but they mean nothing unless you can decode what they are trying to tell you. Finance is a language just like English or Spanish. If you want to be proficient in business, you have to know the language! Your financials are begging to tell you a story of the health of your company, but you have to know just how to translate the information. Learning this skill will take the mystery out of financial statements and put you in control so you're able to make more accurate decisions. This skill set serves as a basis for your future decision making. You'll learn how to turn complicated information into opportunity which equates to putting money back into your wallet.

Be Efficient

Some people think that because their company is turning a profit, they're doing everything right. This simple misconception costs companies billions in wasteful spending each year. The reality is that most business owners only start to look at their financials when times are tight and their back is up against the wall. You can avoid this situation. By implementing these strategies, you will learn how to make changes that convert your business into an efficient machine leading to a much bigger bottom line. You'll learn how one manager implemented these strategies and was able to save his company over $120,000 per year. This gave him the leverage to negotiate himself a sizable bonus. The best part was that the bonus was self-funded with savings the manager had created. If you don't know the tricks to maximize your company's profitability, then you're leaving money on the table. Here you will find an extra competitive edge by operating leaner than your competition. Pushing for revenues in hopes that something will "fall to the bottom line" is the single biggest misconception in business. Nothing just falls to the bottom line.

Control Your Taxes

Take control over the amount of money you spend on taxes by learning techniques to minimize your taxes and avoid hidden tax traps. This is not about tax avoidance or tax evasion. That's illegal. With that said, the more you don't know, the more the IRS can take! Learn how to bullet proof your deductions from an IRS audit so deductions are NOT disallowed. Get to know the secret of where IRS agents focus during an audit and how to safeguard all your expenses. Discover how one company made a simple payroll tax mistake and was slapped with a $100,000 penalty and how they ultimately got out of that penalty. Learn a simple trick to get tax free money out of your company and make it a business deduction - this is surely a win win. You'll learn how one business owner saved over $8,000 a year by making one small change in how he paid himself through his company. Learn some unusual expenses that are deductible. You'll get to see which personal expenses you have that are truly hidden business deductions. After this training, you'll find more tax deductions and have better financial planning tools to accurately track your business activity and save yourself money.

Prevent Fraud

How do people steal from your business? In order to prevent fraud, you have to know the different avenues a potential thief will take in order to steal from you. If you're in business and you aren't financially literate, you're opening the doors for others to take advantage of you, whether it be your employees, your vendors, or your financers. This is a very dangerous position to be in. Discover the most pervasive fraud schemes used by people today so you can spot them when it happens at your work. Workplace fraud can allow employees to take huge chunks out of a company's bottom line. The American Management Association and the US Chamber of Commerce has said that 30% of all small business failure is caused by employee theft. If you knew you had a 1/3 chance of experiencing a fire at your work, would you buy fire insurance? Of course you would. It's an expensive risk you take when you assume that fraud can't or won't happen to your company.