Could you benefit from understanding the financial health of your business and the direction in which it’s heading?  What if you had the tools it takes to make better and more informed decisions at work that will result in dramatically increasing your company’s earnings?

The truth is that this practical business training doesn’t exist in colleges and universities.  When teaching financial statements, universities focus on theory and not on specific decision making skills.

In order to achieve your optimal success, you need to possess certain financial skills.  This talent doesn’t come naturally – it’s learned.

Business Street Smarts is the only program available that brings useful business skills all together in one place. When you’ve gone through our 10-hour home training program, you’re going to have the same advantages used by the smartest and the most successful businessmen and women in the world.

No longer will you base business decisions by solely looking at the amount of cash you have in the bank.

Every business’s books actually contain a roadmap for boosting sales and cash flow, but without an understanding of how to retrieve and utilize all that valuable information, the books are virtually meaningless to your business and to your decisions.

You’ll learn to spot opportunities that will increase revenue and cut costs almost immediately. 

We make it easy to use your numbers to make decisions.

The most successful businessmen and women are the ones that use their numbers as their chief source of intelligence – because it works.

This home training program teaches business street smarts to owners, managers, and other leaders in the workforce who want to be more influential at work and move up the ranks in their company.

There are 4 main sections in this Business Street Smarts program: 1) Financial Statements, 2) Efficiencies, 3) Taxes, and 4) Theft

First you learn everything you need to know about reading financial statements and how to extract that information to make informed daily business decisions.  This covers everything from P&L management to knowing how to get paid timely on your A/R.

Second you learn hundreds of business efficiency strategies including numerous cost cutting tricks that will begin to save your company starting on day 1.

Third, we teach you the tax principles everyone in business needs to know and how corporate and pass-through tax entities are treated.

To top it off, you’re going to learn the most common techniques employees, managers, and owners use to defraud their company through theft and corruption.  But more importantly, you learn how to prevent this from ever starting in your company.

You will learn the mistakes to avoid that have cost others thousands in wasteful spending and have eaten up valuable time that could have been spent running the business.

This business training program gives you the inside knowledge into how some of the best behind the scenes decision makers go about making their companies the most profitable and as efficient as possible.

Business Street Smarts is about developing a specific set of skills and talents

that can be applied in your specific business immediately.

It’s about learning how to come up with novel and effective ideas for your business in order to dramatically improve your bottom line.

This isn’t just about knowing what to do. It’s just as important to know what NOT to do which can save you countless headaches and dollars.

Who will benefit from this program:

Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and those responsible for the success and survival of a company will benefit from this program.

If you have recently been promoted or you’re trying to get promoted, you’re going to instantly benefit from this program. These skills will put you in the best position to add the most value to any company.

The way to impress the boss and move up the ladder is by being influential and learning and applying the skills taught in this program.

You will quickly become indispensable and lay-off proof.

Imagine going into a meeting with the boss and interpreting the company financials in a way that he has never thought of before.  You’ll be able to communicate what the figures are telling you about the health of the company and the direction in which the business is going.  You’ll be armed with a long list of ideas regarding how to increase revenues and improve the bottom line.  This knowledge puts you right in the driver’s seat.

When decisions are made by analysis, they are fact-based decisions.  The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy.  The most junior person in the company can win an argument with the most senior person when a fact-based decision is on the table.

By bringing just a handful of these ideas to work, it can make you a star – the new go-to person

for fresh ideas. You’ll be credited for dramatically improving the company’s earnings.

Learning one good idea from this valuable program could be worth thousands of dollars to your business and ultimately end up right in your pocket!

The fact is that the more resources you develop, the more power you have.

But, you can’t get different results if you don’t change what you’re doing right now.

You are responsible for where you are in life and at work.  The actions you have taken as well as the ones you didn’t take have directly affected the way you are living and all of your experiences each and every day.

The investment you make in this program will pay exponential dividends.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on tuition fees and books to learn business theory.  This powerful business skills program is affordable at only $149 for the complete 10-hour course.

And if you think getting a financial education is expensive, try ignorance.  A lack of these solid business skills is an expensive thinking process.  These skills have translated into raises, promotions, and greater opportunities for thousands of people.

Business Street Smarts is a truly new and unique approach to financial literacy and a

requirement for anyone wanting to tap their full potential at work.

So, get ready to discover the most powerful tools in business that have ever been available. Get ready to improve your company’s earnings, make more money, and advance your career. Get started today by ordering your copy of Business Street Smarts. Your tomorrow is looking up.

We offer a downloadable edition and a physical 14CD edition. Purchase it now!