Control Your Taxes

Take control over the amount of money you spend on taxes by learning the techniques taught here to minimize your taxes and avoid hidden tax traps. This is not about tax avoidance or tax evasion. That’s illegal.
The more you don’t know, the more the IRS can take!
Learn how to bullet proof your deductions from an IRS audit so deductions are NOT disallowed.
I let you in on the secret of where IRS agents focus on during an audit and how to safeguard all your expenses.
Discover how one company made a simple payroll tax mistake and was slapped with a $100,000 penalty. Then I’ll teach you how we got them out of that penalty.
Learn a simple trick to get money out of your company tax free to you and yet it’s a business deduction, a win win.
I teach you how I saved one business owner over $8,0000 a year by making one small change in how he paid himself through his company.
Learn some unusual expenses that are deductible. I teach you what personal expenses you have now that are really hidden business deductions.
After this training you will find more tax deductions and have better financial planning tools when you track your business activity.