How do people steal from your business? In order to prevent fraud, you have to know the different avenues a potential thief will take to steal from you.
If you are in business and you aren’t financially literate, you are opening the doors for others to take advantage of you, whether it be your employees, your vendors or your financers. It’s a dangerous position to be in.
Discover the most pervasive fraud schemes used by people today so you can spot them when it happens at your work.
Workplace fraud can allow employees to take huge chunks out of a company’s bottom line.
The American Management Association and the US Chamber of Commerce has said that 30% of all small business failure is caused by employee theft.
If you knew you had a 1/3 chance of experiencing a fire at your work, would you buy fire insurance? Of course you would.
It’s an expensive thought process to think that fraud can’t or won’t happen to your company.